Buy and sell Coins with Startar Bronze (STRB)
without additional fees

Buy now our cryptocurrency, the Startar Bronze (STRB) and exchange it with the Startar (STRR) or with other Tokens

1 STRB = 1 USD

What is Startar Bronze

Startar Bronze is a cryptocurrency derived from Startar and aims to give financial freedom to the people-

How to Distribute

Startar Bronze (STRB) and Startar (STRR) are distributed via this website, but also via the exchange partners listed at the bottom of this page.

Safe & Secure

We use blockchain technology and our crypto is tracked on bscan, this crypto is trusted.


Because you want to have a lot of purchasing power, because you want to be in control of your finances, and also because you want to participate in the dream that humans have always cherished: To give back financial power to the people. Buy, Sell, Swap, exchange STRB and STRR now !

Startarcoins: Online platform for buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies like STRR and STRB

Why Exchange

Do not hesitate to read our whitepaper; and also because your purchase is secure and guaranteed to be delivered on time.



Diversify your crypto portfolio … get a walet that accepts ETH like Metamask for example for buy STRB and STRR


Buy with confidence your various cryptos on our website, by clicking on the link above: exchange now

Partnair Exchange list

Live Transaction

All of our transactions are verifiable on the ETH Blockchain, and we use the BNB Mainet for the Startar Bronze which is a BEP 20 and the Startar (STRR) is an ERC20

Legal Notice

The startar and the Startar Bronze are created and managed by the International Groupe Business Thérapie … You will find more on the company’s website by clicking here


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